10 Best and Latest Gaming Console Recommendations

10 best and latest gaming console recommendations

Having the right gaming console gives you the ultimate gaming experience. Not only are they clear sound or sharp graphics, but old school game consoles also offer a fun of their own to some people. In fact, you can enjoy Android and iOS games on TV.

Game console products vary, from home-installed to mobile products. We’ll guide you in choosing the gaming console that best suits your needs. Don’t forget, we’ve also reviewed product recommendations for you. There are consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and more. Check out this article to find out.

How to choose a game consoles

Not only widely available games, but also consoles. You can choose the product based on its genre, the game, to the exclusive features. We will explain them one by one for you. Come on, listen.

Choose the type of gaming console as needed

Each type of game console has different characteristics. Some are suitable for playing at home, and some can be taken on the go. We will explain each type. Please adjust it according to your needs.

Main console: the main goal of leading game developers

As the name suggests, this genre is made for home video game media. The main monitor must be connected to other devices in the form of a screen. You can use a TV or other screen as long as it can be connected. In addition, this type requires electrical power to get started.

Many AAA game developers target the main console as a cross platform with PCs. Usually, the new generation of this genre gets new game releases every month. If you choose this genre, you won’t run out of video games to play.

Plug and Play: From PlayStation to Old Nintendo

NES Classic Edition
There’s no better way to get nostalgic for old school games with a plug-and-play console. Not only is the game classic, but console too. This genre was previously preferred by players because it was cultivated with games without having to purchase again.

Over time, the genre was abandoned as games were limited to pre-installed games. Therefore, game console manufacturers use this genre as a vehicle for nostalgia. So far, Nintendo and Sony Interactive Entertainment have re-released their old products as plug-and-play controllers. The design is similar to the previous design. Several successful games at that time were already included. Plus, you’ll be using a console that I’ve worked with for years.

Handheld: A complete portable game console

Do you want to be able to play video games anytime, anywhere? Use the portable console type. This type is a portable game console that can be carried. Control units and screens are integrated with the console. Therefore, you do not need additional equipment to start using it.

A must-note of the portable console is power. Since it does not use electricity, this type requires a battery as a power source. The battery can be disconnected or included in the console. Note that each product has a different energy resistance when operated continuously.

Microconsole: Can play Android or iOS games

Playing Android or iOS games is not only possible via smartphones. You can transfer the screen to the TV using a mini controller. Similar to the main control unit, this type is box-shaped as the main system, and requires electrical power for its use.

The difference is that no mini console game has ever been released. This type can run applications provided by the operating system being used. If the product uses the Android OS, it can play the games available on the Play Store. Likewise with products that support iOS.

Check for different types of games that are compatible

After purchasing a console, you would of course expect to be able to play a lot of games. Well what you need to check is build these controllers. Game manufacturers generally release their products for the latest generation of consoles.

Old generation devices already have a lot of compatible games. However, the variable will not be updated again. Additionally, it can be difficult to find the product in the market.

However, the above case does not apply to Plug and Play controllers. This genre has been implanted in the game from the very beginning. You can find out the amount because you are going to buy. Therefore, the console cannot run games other than the ones that are included.

Ensure that its internal memory capacity meets expectations

AAA games have an average size of 50-100 GB. Thus, a game console with a storage capacity of 500 GB can accommodate about five games at a time. When you are going to add a new address, you need to delete the old address first.

However, some products offer a larger variant of the internal storage capacity. There are also many products that can be added external storage. Therefore, you can save more games at one time.

Another way to increase the light game. The average size of this variable is less than 10 GB. By mixing the different genres, your console can accommodate more games.

How about a console with a small storage capacity, for example, 16 GB? Of course compatible games are small as well. Many products are currently equipped with cloud gaming services. Thanks to these services, you don’t need to have games on your console.

See how many players can play on the same console offline

When playing online, of course, dozens of people can play it simultaneously. It’s different from playing offline. The game console has a limit on the number of players in this mode. If you are looking for a gaming console for personal use, then of course a product that requires a single player suffices.

It’s a different story if you need a product to play with. A game console that supports more than one player will be more convenient. For some games, the visuals will be split as well.

Check the completeness you will get

When you buy a game console for your family, you’ll want to play them together right away. However, what if the product is equipped with only one controller and the additional unit is sold separately? To avoid this, always check product completeness first.

It’s not just the console you need to check out. Sometimes manufacturers offer whole promotional materials, but what consumers get is only half of it. For example, the PlayStation 5 has dedicated headphones. However, these devices are not sold in the same console package. You need to purchase it separately to equip the console.

Top 10 Game Console Recommendations

After reading the points on how to choose a game console from us, you can start to peek at our product recommendations. The advantages of each product will be detailed in our reviews below. Read carefully so that you do not miss the best product.

10. Nintendo

Game and watch Super Mario Bros

Game and watch Super Mario Bros

Small size and can fit in pocket

Nintendo’s first handheld device wasn’t the Game Boy, but the Game & Watch. The game manufacturer has now released Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. This product contains Super Mario Bros. And Super Mario Bros. 2, and Game & Watch: Ball. The last title also uses the character Mario in it.

This product lasts for up to 8 hours of continuous use. With dimensions of 112 mm x 12.5 mm x 67 mm, this controller is rather small. You can even keep this portable game console in your pocket. Mario Bros Lovers. Definitely obliged to bring this product into your Wishlist to complete the set.

9. Apple Inc.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

Maximize the potential of iOS gaming

With Apple TV, you can transfer your favorite games on your smartphone to your TV screen. Games that are increasingly being played on the big screen include Crossy Road and Rayman Adventures. You can use an iPhone or iPad as a controller, you know.

Take advantage of Apple Arcade to enhance the gaming experience on this product. Apple’s gaming subscription service provides over 100 titles that can be played instantly. Still not enough? Some titles are even compatible with dedicated Bluetooth game controllers!

8. Facebook

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

Featuring 3D technology, sound travels wherever you go

This product is integrated with speakers equipped with 3D technology. Not only will the visuals follow your movements, but they’ll also follow the sound. The two controllers that are included in product functionality are in-game interactions. The visuals can be shared on the TV screen for others to see as well.

A variety of games based on the Star Wars franchise are already available for Oculus Quest 2. Movie fans can definitely try to plunge into the Star Wars universe in new ways. However, you must first get used to using virtual reality before purchasing this product. This way, you can know if you are a good fit with the system or not.

7. Sony Interactive Entertainment

PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic

Juggling old school game graphics to be more clear

PlayStation is the beginning of many gamers’ journey. The product contains a set of games that will make you yearn to play. Although the graphics are no longer comparable to the latest generation, many games have not been replaced. The good news, Sony has answered your longing.

PlayStation Classic is the embodiment of the legendary PlayStation. In fact, it includes twenty games with improved graphics. Some of them were popular with Indonesian players. You can now play Twisted Metal or Tekken 3 with output from 480p to 720p.

6. Nintendo

The classic version of NES

The classic version of NES

Various output modes can be adjusted as desired

NES is a game console that changes the way the main console works. Almost all products are styled thereafter from NES. This is a pioneer product for home consoles that can play games from other manufacturers. As a result, the console is one of the best-selling gaming devices of all time.

With this product, you can return to nostalgia with thirty 8-bit games. You can also adjust the output yourself, from the same original screen to sharp pixels. You can play Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and others with different nuances. Play with diversity and dive into your past!

5. Nintendo

The classic version of Super NES

Contains previously unreleased games!

Super NES has been recognized by gamers as one of the best consoles of all time. The second generation Nintendo Electronic System did not disappoint fans of the previous version. Not surprisingly, this product has sold over five million units worldwide.

Super NES Classic Edition contains 21 classic games. Star Fox 2 was added by Nintendo specifically to this product. The game has never been launched on any platform before. In addition to remembering 16-bit games, you will also get new titles.

4. Microsoft

Xbox Xbox X

The cooling system is stable so that the temperature does not rise quickly

Its extremely simple design cannot be underestimated. The Xbox Series X prioritizes the engine cooling system so it doesn’t heat up quickly when in use. This product is intentionally designed in the shape of a cube to facilitate air circulation. The fan inside the engine is also kept quiet so you don’t get distracted while gaming.

This latest generation Xbox finally features a share button on the console. With this feature, you can record your performance or take screenshots. Results can be shared with other players. Of course, you can also receive works belonging to friends.

3. Nvidia

Shield tv

Shield tv

Equipped with cloud games, the memory is not dizzy

Android broadcast media is not only suitable for enjoying movies or TV series, but also games. Nvidia is already continuing to develop gaming services for this product. Actually, this product is equipped with a remote control. Even though the storage is only 16GB, you can take advantage of GeForce Now so it doesn’t fill up quickly.

By subscribing to the aforementioned cloud gaming services, you can play a variety of AAA games. Titles like Dota 2, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and others can be played via broadcast methods. When can you get streaming media that provides the ultimate gaming experience?

2. Sony for interactive entertainment

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

The latest generation has increased its speed and intensity

The latest generation of PlayStation is always waiting with bated breath. In addition to a variety of new compatible games, the system itself is getting an upgrade. This product can play almost all games on PlayStation 4. Whether the games are stored in the library or on disc, you can transfer them to your PS5 in digital form.

The main feature of PlayStation 5 is its graphics speed and sharpness. With super-fast SSD technology, you won’t experience load times like the old days. The PS5 also supports 8K displays for sharper graphics.

1- Nintendo

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Hybrid controller that can be operated in different ways

The main feature of the Nintendo Switch is its hybrid variant. This product can work as a home console or handheld device. As a portable console, stamina ranges from 4.5 hours to 9 hours, depending on the game. When playing with your family at home, you can also connect it to the TV as a monitor.

Games released exclusively for this console cannot be missed. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is best winning game. Meanwhile, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is suitable for getting rid of fatigue. When you sell the memory card separately, you can increase the storage capacity up to 2 TB.

Found a gaming console that fits your needs? If you only have time to play at home, take advantage of products connected to your TV screen. On the other hand, those who want to spend their free time playing games on the go can opt for portable products.

Don’t forget to check features and completeness. Hence, you can arrange a budget from scratch. If everything is well planned, gaming will definitely be more fun!