5 Mouse Thermaltake recommendations

5 Recommended Thermaltake Gaming Mouse from the TT eSports Series

Mouse Thermaltake recommendations

For PC gamers, the main peripherals of the computer such as a mouse and keyboard are vital devices for achieving maximum gaming performance. Therefore, a high-performance mouse is a must for gamers. As a PC brand from Taiwan, Thermaltake also offers a gaming mouse that is capable of various features. The Thermaltake gaming mouse comes from the TT eSports series developed especially for online gamers. Curious about the recommendations for this Thermaltake gaming mouse? Check out the following reviews.

5. Theron Plus Smart Mouse

Theron Plus Smart Mouse

The first choice of Thermaltake gaming mouse is the smart Theron Plus Mouse. This product is the world’s first mouse to receive a patent with an Avago smart mouse design and an Avago laser sensor with an accuracy of up to 8200 dpi. The built-in Bluetooth 4.0 supported smart mouse feature allows you to connect this device to the TT eSports Plus app on your smartphone.

This smart mouse feature lets you analyze mouse usage while gaming for optimal performance. In addition, the Avago 8200 dpi laser sensor provides fast, precise, and accurate control for maximum gaming performance. Products equipped with a 32-bit lever microSD controller.

4. Level 10M Hybrid Advance Gaming Mouse

Level 10M Hybrid Advance Gaming Mouse

The next product comes with a futuristic scary look. The look of the Level 10M Hybrid Avance Gaming Mouse is inspired by an aerodynamic design. Aside from the intimidating appearance, this product comes with strict specifications. The Avago 9800 laser sensor with a resolution of 16,000 dpi delivers high levels of accuracy and precision for unparalleled gaming performance. Plus, with RGB lighting effect of 16.8 million colors, your gaming activities will definitely be more exciting. Products equipped with 32-bit ARM controller and Omron switches.

3. Nemesis Switch RGB Optical Mouse

Nemesis Switch RGB Optical Mouse

This product comes with an exclusive patented button for a more exciting FPS / RTS / MOBA / MMO gaming experience. You can customize up to 12 kinds of button modes that can be adjusted according to different playing styles, hand size and comfort. In addition, the use of Omron switches provides high durability and maximum response.

Accurate and accurate gaming performance can also be achieved thanks to the use of a 12000 dpi optical-game-class PMW3360 sensor. For more exciting gaming effect, this product is equipped with RGB lighting effects that can be adjusted according to the game theme. This product won the design award in Taiwan Excellence 2019.

2. Talon Elite RGB Gaming Gear Combo

Talon Elite RGB Gaming Gear Combo

For those on a minimum budget, but want to experience the performance of a capable gaming mouse, this one product is for you. Talon Elite RGB Gaming Gear Combo is a gaming mouse with a mouse pad in the assembly kit. In addition, this product has high performance with the Pixart PMW3225 5000 dpi optical sensor. Products equipped with RGB lighting effects of 16.8 million colors.

1. Iris RGB Optical Mouse

Iris RGB Optical Mouse

This product comes with a 5000 dpi PMW3325 game-grade optical sensor that provides accurate and accurate performance when playing. Plus, with an ergonomic and lightweight design, this product still feels comfortable when you use it for long time gaming. Products with RGC lighting effects and 9 dynamic lighting effects.

Based on the recommendations above, which Thermaltech TTE Sports gaming mouse best suits your gaming personality?

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