5 Recommended gaming backpack

5 Recommended Backpacks for Gaming Laptops

Recommended gaming backpack

The advent of gaming laptops makes gamers able to easily play games anywhere and anytime. Just that, this gaming laptop is usually heavier than regular laptops in general.

So, for those of you who often carry gaming laptops, you definitely need a comfortable laptop case, right? Not only as a gaming laptop storage place, gaming laptop cases should also be able to accommodate all gaming accessories, from mice, keyboards, headphones and more.

You also don’t need to be confused about a suitable gaming laptop backpack, because now you can easily find this type of bag. Nevertheless, we will make recommendations on the right backpack.

5. Asus ROG Nomad V2

Asus ROG Nomad V2

Typically, gaming laptops have a large screen size. The large screen size will definitely make your gaming experience more satisfying and enjoyable. If you have a gaming laptop with a large screen size, around 17 inches, the Asus ROG Nomad V2 is the answer.

This case is specially designed to carry the Asus ROG G750 series gaming laptop bag. In this bag, besides being able to accommodate a 17-inch laptop, you can also include other incentives, such as a keyboard, mouse, power supply, extra consoles and even snacks and drinks.

The design is gorgeous with black dominance and some red accents. You will definitely look great if you attend the game’s events.

4. Targus Strike Backpack

Targus Strike Backpack

Apparently, the Targus bag manufacturer also sees opportunities behind the growth of the gaming industry. Therefore, this computer accessory manufacturer from the United States released a game backpack called Strike Backpack.

The Targus Strike Backpack is said to be the first laptop backpack designed specifically for gamers. This laptop bag is equipped with a nylon outer surface with high durability, and is believed to be able to protect all the gaming equipment loaded with it.

Dimensions 21 x 38 x 55 cm with a capacity of 26 liters. You can also store laptops with screen sizes up to 17.3 inches.

3. Dell Alienware Vindicator

Dell Alienware Vindicator

As the name suggests, this bag is designed to carry a Dell Alienware gaming laptop. However, this bag can still carry other gaming laptops in sizes ranging from 13 inches and 15.6 inches to 17.3 inches. What is interesting about this bag is its futuristic design.

The outer material is made of durable nylon material. Meanwhile, the interior has highly resilient cushions to withstand severe impacts. Dell guarantees this bag is safe to use in adverse weather.

This bag is recommended for those of you who prioritize very high protection and durability.

2. Acer Predator gaming backpack

Acer Predator gaming backpack

Another gaming bag you have to bring along with your favorite gaming laptop. The Acer Predator Gaming Utility Backpack is built to withstand all weathers. This bag is lightweight yet highly durable.

This bag is waterproof and does not tear easily. The Acer Predator Gaming Utility Backpack is made with waterproof zippers and seams like a military bag inside and out, so everything can be protected from rain or mud.

The multi-utility pocket and front access allow you to safely organize the Predator gaming gears. Not only that, the versatile back panel, padded shoulder strap and adjustable chest buckle make this bag look great and comfortable.

1. Targus x Steelseries Sniper Backpack 17.3 in

Targus x Steelseries Sniper Backpack 17.3 in

This bag, made in collaboration with Targus and Steelseries, has several advantages. Not only as a bag for gamers, but also for those who always have to carry a laptop with you anywhere. Especially when the laptop is big enough.

The Steel Series gaming case can accommodate laptops up to 17.3 inches. So that the size of the laptop that you can carry is really large, and different from other bags. This bag also contains 26L technology, so you can not only easily carry your gaming tools but also protect them well.

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