5 Recommended PC Accessories from Thermaltake eSports for Even More Exciting Gaming

5 Recommended PC Accessories from Thermaltake eSports for Even More Exciting Gaming

Thermaltake product recommendations

At present, gaming activities not only serve as entertainment and recreation, but also as a source of income. As a manufacturer of a diverse line of computers, Thermaltake offers the TT Series eSports specifically designed to meet the needs of these players. Regardless of your gaming goals, the right computer accessories can add more gaming fun and performance. Here we provide recommendations for Thermaltake eSports PC peripherals that can make your gaming activities more exciting.

1. TT eSports GT Comfort C500 Gaming Chair

For long-term gaming activities, comfortable chairs can help you not get tired easily and stay focused. This product comes with a variety of benefits to keep you comfortable while playing. The premium features of the TT eSports GT Comfort C500 gaming chair include 4D adjustable armrests, 4 Series hydraulic presses, 5-star aluminum base with 3 large casters for wheels, and a multifunctional tilt mechanism to support Z. Although the offered price is very high, However, the quality and comfort afforded by this one device matches this price. 

2. TT eSports Cronos Riing RGB 7.1 Gaming Headset

Headphones are essential for gamers. Apart from adding excitement to games, this computer accessory can improve your communication with friends and be able to better know the enemy’s location. Coming with a high-end 50mm neodymium speaker and virtual 7.1 surround sound technology, this device is able to provide an amazing and accurate audio performance. 

3. Cherry MX Red Meka Pro TT electronic gaming keyboard

Besides the mouse, the keyboard as the main terminal device of the computer is also an equally important device when playing games. Capable keyboard besides being able to add gaming excitement, can also help you outrun your opponent with ease. The TT eSports Meka Pro Cherry MX Red gaming keyboard comes with a Cherry MX Red mechanical switch which is popular with gamers. This gold-plated switch is very light to use and has very strong durability. 

4. Ventus Z TT eSports Gaming Mouse

This main computer peripheral device is the spearhead for PC gamers. Coming with the Avago 9500 laser sensor with a resolution of 11000 dpi, this device provides accurate and accurate performance. In addition, the coating on the surface of this device gives a mixture of the feeling of a layer of plastic and rubber. The feeling balance between a hard and smooth surface is designed to provide complete comfort and control when using this device. Plus, the ergonomic design is also designed to stay comfortable for long periods of use. 

5. Dasher Extended – Battle Dragon Edition TT eSports mouse pad

To support smooth and seamless mouse pointer movement, the comfy surface mouse pad is a must-have accessory. The Dasher Extended TT eSports mouse pad is extra large. This product, whose dimensions are 90 x 40 x 4 cm, is able to cover keyboard, mouse and many other equipment. The anti-slip polyurethane rubber bottom layer ensures a firm mouse pad that does not move easily. The upper layer is made of high quality woven fabric that ensures smooth and precise mouse movement. 

Are you interested in having a more exciting gaming experience with the aforementioned products?

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