Here is a list of features of the HP M150 Gaming Mouse

Here is a list of features of the HP M150 Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse is the main requirement of the players. Although it looks simple and is sometimes overlooked, using a gaming mouse can affect your game.

As a beginner gamer it would be nice to find inexpensive gaming equipment. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to find affordable gaming gear. Because these devices are usually built with special technology, so the price sometimes becomes prohibitive.

HP M150 Gaming Mouse

But don’t worry, HP has released the M150 gaming mouse which is cheap in its class. The HP M150 Gaming Mouse could be an option for those looking for a device to play games.

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Ergonomic design

Overall, the HP M150 Gaming Mouse is made of plastic with a soft, matte coating. There is a glossy finish at the center and edges of the mouse. The HP M150 is available in several color options such as black and white, with the majority of the buttons touched in blue.

At the top of the mouse, you will find the left and right click buttons, the scroll wheel, the DPI button, and two additional buttons on the left side. On the back of the phone, you will find the writing lacquered.

On the back of the mouse, there is an optical sensor in the middle and some pads on the edges. The pad is made of plastic so it is easy to scratch. The supplied cable is thin, about ± 1 m long.

The mouse cable is permanently attached and is not detachable. The slightly interesting part is the USB 2.0 header. The header has HO inscriptions and indented parts on several parts. The design may appear to give a ‘gaming’ impression.

The HP M150 is approximately 11.5 cm long and 7 cm wide. The HP M150 feels solid in the hand, not slippery. It may be caused by a smooth matte coating on the top and edges. The left and right click buttons also have a good click feel.

The size of this mouse is quite large, especially for those with small hands. However, for connection issues, it is guaranteed that there will be no lag when using this mouse.

The HP M150 Gaming Mouse offers a variety of excellent features that work through an optical system to provide optimum accuracy and speed. The HP M150 Gaming Mouse has six buttons, each with a different function when pressed, and this mouse has a maximum resolution of 1600 dpi. This USB cable-connected mouse features a photoelectric operation mode that will make your gaming experience better.

Included plugins provide additional functionality when playing games. There are many other advantages to this mouse feature. Firstly, the build quality is very good and works really well when playing games. Second, there are no sharp corners, no open cracks, no neglected coating.

However, the HP M150 Gaming Mouse has several drawbacks, such as the scroll wheel pulling when moving it. The additional buttons on the left do not provide any functionality when playing games. The DPI button in the middle also doesn’t make any significant changes to the mouse. In addition, there is no indicator light that shows the changes in DPI.

The price of one HP 150 Gaming Mouse is only 60,000 rupees. Given its function as a gaming tool, this mouse appears to be very cheap. Besides being used to play games, the HP 150 Gaming Mouse is also comfortable for your business needs.

Now you know the benefits of the HP M150 Gaming Mouse. So don’t hesitate to buy it right away!