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PSU Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB Series 850W Gold Full Modular

Toughpower Grand Series TPG-0850F-R–850W 80 PLUS ® Gold Certified Fully Modular APFC PSU

Toughpower Grand RGB 850W Gold Fully Modular

Toughpower Grand RGB 850W Gold fully modular

PSU Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB Series 850W Gold Full Modular1

As a pioneer in integrating RGB lights into the power supply, Thermaltake has launched the Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB Gold series, which is equipped with a pre-patented Riing 14 RGB fan with 5 lighting modes and internal memory.

With capacities from 650 W to 850 W and 80 PLUS Gold certification, the Toughpower Grand RGB series has components of the highest quality and a fully modular design that always accommodates all important buildings under all circumstances.

One button for the color you want

One button for the color you want

Toughpower SFX 600W Gold is designed for bidirectional applications with the latest Intel SFX 12V 3.3 compatibility. By pressing the RGB lighting button, the fan colors can be switched between RGB cycles with variants such as Solid Red, Green, Blue, White and LED Off mode. The fan also has an internal memory function that saves the colors used and ensures the same color selection every time you start your PC.

Placement of the power supply fan open for better cooling

Power Supply Fan Face-Up Placement for Better Cooling

With the fan position up, users can freely view the patented RGB fan while getting extra performance by using the fan as an additional exhaust mechanism and releasing unwanted heat from your case.

As shown in the thermal image test, the temperature of the power supply unit and the computer system drop by approx. 3 ° C when the power supply unit is turned up.

Riing 14 RGB fan with concentrated compression fan blade

Riing 14 RGB fan with concentrated compression fan blade

The Riing 14 RGB fan blades are designed for high static pressure requirements in demanding applications. Concentrated compression vanes are designed to focus the weaker inner air circuit outward and allow the outside to pressurize the air. The fan blades are optimized to increase static pressure for impressive cooling performance. Hydraulic bearings for quiet operation guarantee extremely low noise development and the vibration-damping assembly system strengthens the product stability during operation. In addition, injection molded anti-vibration rubber pads provide hassle-free use for 80% protective coverage, including all four corners.

Ultra quiet Smart Zero fan

Ultra quiet Smart Zero fan

Smart Zero Fan makes no noise when the fan is working under 20% workload to minimize noise.

The fan works when the PSU workload exceeds 20%. A switch is provided for those who prefer the fan to run continuously.

Low ripple noise 30 mV

30 mV Low Ripple Noise

All ripples below 30 mV for high stability at +12 V, + 5 V or + 3.3 V from 0% to 100% load to ensure a high quality power supply. Due to the low ripple noise, your performance-critical components, such as B. high-end graphics cards, longer reliable.

Very tight voltage regulation ± 2%

Extremely Strict Voltage Regulation ±2%

The voltage regulation of the power supply is set to no more than ± 2% so that the main rail provides the highest performance. The strict voltage regulation of the Toughpower Grand RGB Gold is better than the Intel standard ± 5% for the main rail and ± 10% for -12 V.

100% Japanese high quality capacitors of 105 ° C / 221 ° F.

100% High Quality Japanese 105°C/221°F Capacitors

100% high quality 105 ° C (221 ° F) capacitor made in Japan that greatly increases durability and provides the ultimate in stability and reliability.

High Amperage Single +12V Rail and DC to DC Design

High Amperage Single +12V Rail and DC to DC Design

The Toughpower Grand RGB 850W Gold is equipped with a powerful single + 12V rail that removes the restrictions caused by voltage distribution and delivers the power your CPU and VGA need in every situation. In addition, with a DC / DC design, this device optimizes the maximum power generation for computer systems and offers the best compatibility, conversion efficiency and stable voltage output.

High Amperage Single +12V Rail and DC to DC Design

80 PLUS Gold certified and Skylake Ready

Offers an efficiency of up to 90% under real load conditions to promise the lowest possible loss of power In addition, Toughpower Grand RGB 850W Gold has been optimized to work with Intel’s sixth generation Skylake processors for maximum energy savings.

RGB lighting offers the best aesthetics for all chassis

RGB Lighting Provides Best Aesthetics for All Chassis

The Toughpower Grand RGB Gold series is the best idea for users if they are looking for an RGB power supply that offers outstanding functionality and aesthetics in all cases, especially in open frame or tower cases.

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※ Electrical test results may vary depending on test conditions and environment.

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