Often computer hangs when using it? These are the reasons!

Often computer hangs when using it? These are the reasons!

A computer that often shuts down or suddenly becomes idle and inoperable is really annoying. Moreover, this often happens when we use it to perform tasks or tasks.

In contrast to the blue screen that is often marked with a blue screen, suspensions are generally indicated by a program that is suddenly unresponsive, mouse jams, a broken keyboard, and a program that suddenly shuts itself off and even restarts automatically.

computer hang problem solution

Well, the cause of the computer hangs a lot more often is caused by hardware problems. Ranging from less capable computer specs when running heavy software, to heat and damage issues.

Here are some of the reasons why your computer frequently hangs.

1. Minimum and limited RAM capacity

RAM capacity

RAM is really a vital device. Of course, the minimum amount of RAM also affects its ability to run computer programs.

If your RAM is really limited, don’t open too many window or app tabs. To check running apps, just press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC at the same time. Then close apps that are no longer used.

2. RAM is damaged or dirty due to dust and dirt

In addition to the minimum capacity, dirty or problematic RAM can cause your computer to stop repeatedly when using it.

The most common problem with computers is that RAM components are dirty due to dust. In general, this problem can be solved by cleaning the nails or legs with an eraser.

3. The computer overheated, causing it to overheat


Every electronic device, of course, is not timeless with temperature or heat issues. Likewise with computers that are exposed to excessive heat.

Overheating or overheating can occur because the cooling fan inside the computer is not operating optimally or because air circulation in and out of the computer is not good. This may be caused by dust that has begun to build up.

4. Hard drive problems or having a lot of bad sectors

Hard drive problems solutions

In addition to the tools mentioned above, hard drive issues can also be the cause of your computer suddenly freezing.

Generally, bad sectors or computer life can be caused by hard drive performance. So, try to check by scanning or scanning the disk to see its performance. If the performance of the hard disk has already decreased significantly, then you should replace it with a new one.

5. Viruses and incompatible applications


Aside from hardware problems, other issues such as viruses and inappropriate software or applications can frequently cause your computer to crash.

As for the virus itself, it generally occurs because a virus forces the computer to work hard by overloading every program that runs on the computer.

However, if the hang only occurs when running a program or application, then of course it can be the source of the problem in that program. Generally, this happens because the application is not compatible or not compatible with the specifications of your computer.

So, these are some of the reasons why your computer could suddenly stop working while you are using it. If the problem you are experiencing is due to the specifications or age of your computer, it might be time to upgrade your computer.